Thursday, 1 January 2015

More 2014 photos

The following are photographs that I considered for inclusion in my last post "a year of wildlife photographs 2014" but didn't have space.  I hope that you like them.  Let me know in the comments section if you have a favourite?

Juvenile Southern Boobooks in care, Kangaroo Creek

Little Red Flying-foxes, Tucabia

Coastal Carpet Python, Coutts Crossing

Juvenile Pacific Baza in care at Kangaroo Creek

Huntsman spider Holconia immanis, Coutts Crossing
Dubious Gecko, Dthinna Dthinnawan National Park
Jacky Dragon, Mt Yarrowyck Nature Reserve
Adult male Rufous Whistler, Coutts Crossing
Adult Brolga, Brothersons Swamp, Coutts Crossing
Whiptail Wallaby, Mann River
Adult Grey Butcherbird, Noosa National Park
Adult White-necked Heron eating eel, Cowans Pond
Glossy Black-Cockatoo family allopreening, Coutts Crossing
Tiger Snake, Marengo
Nestling White-faced Heron, South Grafton
Southern Forest Bat, Chambigne Nature Reserve
Adult Brahminy Kite in care at Kangaroo Creek
Adult Buff-banded Rail, Brooms Head
Juvenile Buff-banded Rail, Brooms Head
Stick(leaf) insect, Levenstrath
Stick (leaf) insect, Levenstrath

Juvenile Spangled Drongo, Coutts Crossing

Juvenile Spangled Drongo, Coutts Crossing

Blue Triangle, Coutts Crossing


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